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Cambridge Partnership for Public Education, Inc.
Science & Engineering Program for Teachers (SEPT)
     June 23–29, 2002

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You have shown my the 'heart' of MIT as a progressive institution sensitive to our future and our youth.

Ellen Ross
Scarborough High School, ME
1998 SEPT Class

This has been on of the great weeks in my professional life. The exchange if ideas between teachers during the breaks and in the evening was as important as the cutting edge material presented during talks by MIT faculty. All provided information I feel I can use in my class to engage the student's interest.

David Stover
The Charter School of Wilmington, Delaware
2001 SEPT Class

My experience with the 1990 MIT summer program was a great shot in the arm. For a while I had wondered if I would stay in the teaching field. At MIT I got to be the student and learn about things for the sake of learning about them, not as a kit-building/activity session to take back to my students, but to actually learn first hand what was happening in the world of science. After a challenging week — and being treated like a true professional — I left feeling that what I had done all those years was still important to me and as a result I am still in the education field today.

Cindy Crockett
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Harvard University
1990 SEPT Class

I have to admit, in 1989 I was a rookie to the teaching profession. Prior to that, I had been a Clinical Microbiologist for 16 years. When I decided to launch my teaching career, I soon realized how much I had forgotten and how little I knew about the subjects I was hired to teach. I began my new studies and earned a Master's degree in science, and at the same time I applied to MIT's Science and Engineering Program for Teachers. It was this program that exposed me to the world of cutting edge research and technology and the Land of Nobel Laureates. Because of this program, I can tell my students that I have met famous scientists such as Philip Morrison and that I have seen the largest Silicon crystals grown in the world. That same year, the grass-roots organization, NEST, was created and it has provided me with vast amounts of camaraderie and networking over the past 11 years. My association with MIT has increased not only my knowledge in many subjects but it has also increased my interested in areas never before studied.

Elaine Hall
Quabbin Regional High School. Barre, MA
1989 SEPT Class
1991 NEST Outstanding Teacher Award
1992-1993 NEST Co-Chair

I can say SEPT is the best program I have ever participated in. The teachers involved are considered by MIT as scientists who have chosen to teach, and treated that way. It was exciting to have been involved in learning pure science again. But it doesn't stop there! I have been able to maintain contact with MIT through NEST, including a one-year sabbatical on the MIT campus. Between the bi-yearly NEST retreats, the NEST newsletter and the listserve, I have a family of outstanding science teachers to share ideas with. It just doesn't get any better!

Bette A. Bridges
Bridgewater-Raynham High School, MA
1989 SEPT Class
1996 Tandy Technology Scholar
1997 Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching Science
1998 CMA National Catalyst Award
1999 NEST Outstanding Teacher Award
2000-2001 NEST Co-Chair

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