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Cambridge Partnership for Public Education, Inc.
Science & Engineering Program for Teachers (SEPT)
     June 23–29, 2002

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Program Overview

MITThe Link Between the Basic Sciences and Engineering
MIT offers science, technology, and mathematics teachers an intensive one-week program to explore how engineers apply scientific principles to meet the technological needs of society and commerce.

America needs to encourage scientific literacy among its citizens and interest in science and engineering careers among its young people. We believe that teachers hold the key to sparking and nurturing this interest. This program gives educators an exciting, alternative perspective on the subjects they teach.

Program Goals

  1. to illustrate how the basic principles of chemistry, biology, physics, and math taught by teachers in primary and secondary classes are extended by science and engineering faculty at the university level, and industry as well, to create engineering systems of value to society

  2. to present the state-of-the-art and frontiers of science and engineering research

  3. to emphasize how industrial productivity and quality of life depend on a technically literate work force

  4. to stress the continuum of science education that begins in grammar school, passes through high school, and continues through the university level and industry; we are all part of the same educational continuum.

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