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NESTMission Statement

In 1989, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology developed a summer Science and Engineering Program for Teachers. The purpose of the program was to bring teachers in contact with cutting-edge developments in the areas of biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and technology with the goal of providing teachers with a perspective on the interface between science education, technology, and society that they could then take back to their classrooms.

The first MIT summer program was so successful that the participants organized themselves into a volunteer association known as the New England Science Teachers. Since 1989, NEST has grown to include over 700 teachers in over 25 states and 10 countries. To reflect its growth, NEST has now renamed itself to the Network of Educators in Science and Technology. It is a unique fellowship of teachers affiliated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that believes in the importance of its work to the future of America. Therefore:

  • NEST, organizationally and through individual efforts of its members, will engage in endeavors which result in the enhancement of scientific, mathematical and technological literacy.

  • NEST will work to enhance the professional background of, and the educational resources to, teachers.
Thus, we accept the mission of our organization as a personal challenge, to support each other in this endeavor and to enlist the cooperation of the community.

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