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Teacher Education Program for MIT Students

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Teacher Education Program (TEP) was started in 1995 to serve the undergraduate students of MIT. The development of this program was motivated not only by the crisis in K-12 education, but also by a growing interest on the part of MIT students to meet the challenge of this crisis. The mission of the MIT Teacher Education Program is to develop a cadre of MIT undergraduates that will become the science and math teachers of tomorrow. Building upon their unique strengths and deep understanding of science, we believe that we can make a substantial contribution to K-12 education if not in numbers of teachers, then with the quality of teachers that we produce, and the model of preparation that we develop. Through a joint program with Wellesley College, students can meet the requirements for Massachusetts state teacher certification in mathematics and science at the middle and high school levels.

Professor Eric Klopfer
Director, MIT Teacher Education Program
Urban Studies and Planning Department
Room 10-337
Tel. (617) 253-2025

Completing the course of study for the Teacher Education Program (TEP) involves a combination of coursework and student teaching. Through the coursework, students explore the world of education as they examine teaching and learning in K-12 environments through visits to schools, hands-on activities, classroom debates, and practice teaching. The courses provide an introduction to teaching and learning science and mathematics in a variety of K-12 settings. Through visits to schools, classroom discussions, selected readings, and hands-on activities, the TEP courses explore the challenges and opportunities of teaching. Topics of study include educational technology, design and experimentation, education reform, standards and standardized testing, scientific models, methods of solving problems, student learning, and careers in education.

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